Prabhat connects with every moments of consumers life – from morning’s glass of milk to evening’s mouth watering desserts.
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  • Skimmed Milk Powder
    Skimmed Milk Powder
    Pasteurized, standardised and whole / skimmed milk is subjected to evaporation as a result of which we get concentrated milk...
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  • Whole Milk Powder
    Whole Milk Powder
    Prabhat’s Whole Milk Powder is equivalent to fat fitted milk in its dry form....
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  • Dairy Whitener
    Dairy Whitener
    Prabhat’s Milk Magic is prepared from fresh Milk and Sugar, and packed in moisture...
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  • Concentrated Milk
    Concentrated Milk
    Prabhat’s concentrated milk is a free flowing product obtained by evaporating cow’s milk....
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  • Cow Ghee
    Cow Ghee
    Clarified butter (ghee) is produced and sold to retail customers under the Prabhat brand.....
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  • Curd (Dahi)
    Curd (Dahi)
    Dahi is produced and sold to retail customers under the Prabhat brand....
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  • Flavoured Milk
    Flavoured Milk
    Prabhat flavoured milk products are made by blending raw milk with other ingredients....
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  • Prabhat Nutri 100
    Prabhat Nutri 100
    Prabhat Nutri-100 milk is procured fresh from farmers. Then,...
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  • Pasteurized Milk
    Pasteurized Milk
    Prabhat produce and market variety of pasteurized milk under the several brands...
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  • Lassi
    Sweet lassi is produced from fresh milk and sold to retail customers under the Prabhat brand during...
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  • Chaas
    Prabhat’s Chass is a combination of health and taste in every sip....
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  • Cheese
    Prabhat Cheese is produced from the fresh and unadulterated Milk
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  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Prabhat’s MILK MAGIC sweetened condensed milk is homogenous uniform free flowing viscous product...
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Our Vision

To be a highly respectable & leading milk food company that is committed
to thoughtful & sustainable Socio Economic Development.

About Prabhat

Prabhat Dairy Limited is an integrated milk and dairy products company in India catering to institutional as well as retail customers. We produce fresh, dry, frozen, cultured and fermented dairy products, including pasteurized milk, flavoured milk, sweetened condensed milk, ultra-pasteurised or ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk, yoghurt, dairy whitener, clarified butter (ghee), milk powder, ingredients for baby foods, lassi and chaas.


Ingredient Business


Prabhat Produce milk-based specialty ingredient products for a large number of…

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Consumer Business

Our retail consumer products include pasteurized milk, UHT milk,…

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Prabhat co-manufacture products include UHT milk, specialty milk powders…

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