Pasteurized Milk

Pasteurized Milk

Prabhat’s freshly pasteurized milk is processed & pasteurized in a state-of-the-art processing plant under stringent hygienic conditions. This results in delivering consistent quality of milk to the end consumer.

Prabhat offers four varieties of pasteurized milk to cater to a wide cross section of consumer demand




Health conscious consumers rejoice!  Prabhat offers low fat milk with the same taste and experience of regular milk.  Prabhat Slim is a guilt free delight, milk fit for regular consumption at only 1.5% MILK FAT.

Balanced diet, regular exercise and Prabhat Slim together make a healthy lifestyle. Prabhat slim offers a daily dose of dairy goodness with less than half the fat of regular milk.


Prabhat Fresh has naturally occurring, easy to digest natural vitamins and minerals and has a great creamy taste. It contains 3.0% MILK FAT.

Prabhat Fresh keeps consumer active throughout the day by providing the necessary essential nutrients.

Enjoy a glass of Prabhat Fresh milk everyday or it can be used in tea or coffee, sweets, curd, buttermilk or preparation of homemade ghee.


Prabhat Rich milk is fresh, creamy, and tasty. The unmatched balance of fat and other composition ensures a long lasting freshness. It contains 6% MILK FAT.

Just boil it and drink it.  You can also enjoy with tea, coffee and even milkshakes.


Prabhat’s Full Cream Milk contains 3.5% Fat and rich protein content. It is the best medium to maintain health strong bones and maintaining good health.

Prabhat’s Full cream milk can be used in everything from smoothies and coffee to breakfast cereals, scrambled eggs and even drunk straight up.


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