Prabhat interacts with large number of Farmers on daily basis.  On time payment, fair valuation & remunerative prices ensures prosperity sharing with all the marginal farmers.

Prabhat has implemented various welfare measures to uplift life of farmers like:

  • Cattle breeding for milk productivity improvement
  • Assured supply of quality cattle feeds
  • Veterinary support services for better cattle health


At Prabhat, employees are important stake holders. A conducive environment ,space to express and excel ensures each employee contributes to the company’s welfare. Formal and informal interactions have fostered atmosphere of “One Team” across all the functions and through the hierarchy.

Freedom of expression, opportunity to experiment and action empowerment makes Prabhat world a truly enjoyable place to be in.


  • Prabhat treats suppliers with respect and make them realize their importance and the role they play in managing the entire value chain by abiding food safety laws.
  • Prabhat has developed line managers who periodically review each supplier status, keep them informed about the ever changing trend of food safety by making on time risk assessments.
  • Prabhat remains connected to our suppliers. Prabhat is aware that what goes in comes out.